A journey toward greater insight

Mogens Vilsen, Henrik Kristiansen and Morten Vilsen founded Agency360 based on clear goals, i.e. to give agencies greater insight and more powerful tools for reporting results to their clients – from a single login. The platform is designed for any type of agencies involved in marketing, communication, advertising, web and media processing. 




Boost your clients´ bottom line with insights, documentation & tons of leads!

Agency360 we strive to ensure that your clients can achieve transparency and a better overview without compromising on data volume. The data are presented all at once in a simple format, where every function is intuitive, and easy to read and understand. From the websites of the companies in question, the Agency360, platform picks up all types of leads that can be converted into sales – and therefore achieve the largest ROI on marketing investments.

Agency360 is the result of our efforts...

But the journey doesn’t end here. We are continuously developing new features and always strive to do our best. And we think we’ve done a pretty good job so far. In fact, we feel so confident in our mission that we invite you to test Agency360 for free for 14 days. Just click here.


Mogens Vilsen, Partner - Founder

Henrik Kristiansen, Partner - Founder

Morten Vilsen, Partner - Founder

Martin Dall, Software Developer

Gustav Borgen, Support Manager

Harshit Taylor, Software Developer

Mayuri Sharma, Software Developer

Minna Anker, Art Director