How to grow your business with Facebook lead ads



Facebook ads have been around for a while, but Facebook lead ads are a relatively new addition to the social media platform.

Did you know that over 90% of users accessed Facebook via a mobile device? Lead ads are a fantastic feature that truly take advantage of the platform’s many mobile users.

Keep reading to find out more about Facebook lead ads, and how they can effortlessly help you boost and grow your business.

What are Facebook lead ads?

Facebook lead ads are a lot different to your usual Facebook ads. They provide much more value for your audience and can boost your leads.

With Facebook lead ads, you can take advantage of mobile users and present your audience with an ad that has been created specifically for this type of user.

With Facebook lead ads, you can ask your audience the right questions, and start to get a deeper understanding of their needs. Facebook lead ads can have many different forms, for instance a registration, demo or quote.

How can Facebook lead ads benefit your business?

Facebook leads ads present many benefits to your business. Streamline your advertising processes and explore a new tool to further your business.

User experience is key

With Facebook lead ads, you can display your business to your audience without disrupting their experience.

Due to the easy Facebook lead form set up, your audience can simply enter their information without even leaving the Facebook platform.

This ease makes gathering information, which can be a difficult process, completely effortless. It also increases your user’s experience of giving their information. It’s really a win-win situation for both parties!

Focus on your mobile users

If you find that your target audience is mainly on mobile, then Facebook lead ads are perfect for your strategy.

The design of the Facebook mobile app is super responsive and aims to give users the best experience. You can rely on the constantly updating and dynamic design to present your ad in the best way possible.

So whichever device your Facebook lead ad is shown on, you can trust that it will run smoothly and without any issues.

Data collection made easy

As previously touched upon, Facebook lead ads make data collection super simple. Since the ad is already designed to capture the user’s information, there is no need to create a new landing page or conversion process.

The tools you need to attract a new lead are already integrated within the ad platform, meaning no additional work or time is required for collecting the data. Simple!

Target your segments

One of the strengths that Facebook has is its amount of data on its users. Its users can be easily segmented by their likes, age, relationship status and other details.

This data is gold for marketers. And with Facebook lead ads, you can highly target your desired segments based on this data.

For example, say your business sells luxury his and hers mugs. With Facebook targeting, you would be able to target users that are in a relationship or are married, perhaps slightly older, or users who live in certain areas.

This highly targeted strategy means you can target users who would be your ideal target consumer for your product or service, resulting in high-quality leads.

How do you create Facebook lead ads?

Creating a Facebook lead generation ad is pretty straightforward. With Facebook’s platform, you can easily set up your ad and customise your form to suit your needs.

You can even download the gathered results from your Facebook manager page to your personal CRM system, making it a super easy process.

You can check out Facebook’s step-by-step guide here on setting up a Facebook lead ad using their Ad Manager platform.

3 tips for making your ads convert

Just like with any great ad, you first need to catch your audience’s attention and stand out from the competition. With Facebook lead ads, the same principle still applies. Check out the simple tips below to boost conversion rates.

1.     Keep it aesthetically pleasing

One of the more basic tips to creating a high-converting Facebook lead ad is to create a visually pleasing ad.

This could be with an eye-catching call to action or perhaps an interesting graphic. You can even refer to your previous Agency360 insights on your previous ads and posts.

Simply login to your account and select your desired client. Next click social media and then Facebook.

This page will show all of your data from your Facebook page. You can easily see how many likes your posts have received. There is also data on your demographic, which offers a lot of opportunity to create an eye-catching graphic.

You can use the insights on the performance of your previous ads to create a new Facebook lead ad.

2.     Tempt them with an accessible treat

One of the best ways to grow and boost conversion rates is to offer an exclusive incentive for your audience. This could be something like a deal or offer, or perhaps a free product sample.

This acts as a reward to your audience for filling out your form and answering your questions. Another quick pointer is to try to avoid in-depth questions. This might deter users from answering if they have to think too much about their answers.

3.     Put your ad to the test

A good way to optimise your Facebook lead ad is to split test your ad. You can try out different layouts, graphics and text to find out which performs the best with your sample audience.

This allows you to find weak spots in your ad, and build on your stronger, well-performing aspects.

This results in a well-developed ad with a higher likelihood to perform well. Want to know more about split A/B testing your ad? Check out our previous post here.

Easily monitor your lead ads with Agency360

Monitoring your Facebook lead ads has never been easier with Agency360. Keep track of your social media and analytics in one easy-to-navigate platform.

Simply log into your account and access your chosen client’s dashboard. Next click onto social media from the sidebar menu and then select Facebook.

Here, you can find all your data associated with your Facebook business account. Along the top menu, you can see your insights categorised into different groups; likes, demographics, interactions and posts.

In order to monitor your Facebook lead ads, simply click posts. On this page, you will find all the data relating to your lead ad, including who interacted with it and how they interacted with it.

This gives you a deep valuable insight into how your audience are reacting to your Facebook lead ad, and which actions they are taking.

Monitoring your Facebook lead ad with Agency360 is a clever and smart way to increase your efficiency by having all the required data in one location. Want to know more about getting started with Agency360? Sign up for a free 14-day trial here.