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Our mission at Agency360 is to give modern companies more and better marketing insights and more leads. That is exactly why we have developed our unique and easy-to-use platform. With Agency360, we have gathered various analytical tools such as Facebook Ads, Linked In, Google Analytics, and many more, and made them accessible by one, simple login.

We have designed our platform with marketing agencies and media agencies in mind and have developed a more efficient and powerful tool that can be used to build 360-degree reports for your end clients.

Our dashboard is easy to install with support along the way. Our interface is user friendly and easy to navigate. Our layout is clear and accessible, and we offer a straightforward design. The data is arranged in a simple setup, and every function is intuitive.

Screen dump of the data layout, example to show the simple set up

We offer all of these analytical tools in one location, and allow you to create completely customisable reports for your clients through one platform.

Quick, personalised, reports for every client

We understand how important it is to construct a professional, yet informative report for your clients. It can be difficult to manage your time effectively and configure specific, tailor-made documents for individual clients. As a result, we offer you the option to tailor-make reports to your clients, including name, logo, colour scheme and their own domain.

Not only does this make your reports look more professional and unique, but this type of personalisation is a great way to take your service to the next level and gives you a competitive advantage over other consultants or agencies.

You also have the option to set up daily, weekly, or monthly reports that are automatically sent directly to your client’s inbox. These reports can also be customised to contain the individual elements to suit what your clients need.

Give your clients the very best service

Alongside our personalisation feature, we designed our software with our unique white labelling feature, which allows you to offer your clients an additional tool to manage and track your results.

This gives your client an accessible way to view your progress and your achievements, allowing them to see the result for themselves, right in front of them. This is a fantastic way to provide your client with a supplementary service and add value to your business.

More data, more insights, and more success

Our web lead feature is one of the best ways to gain insight into what type of companies have visited your clients’ websites. We track all visitors and filter out private individuals, bots and other irrelevant parties, giving you only the important visitors.

We pick up the leads that earn the largest ROI on marketing investments by focusing on those that can be converted into sales. By using a large variety of parameters, you can select which type of companies you wish to show to your client, as well as hiding those who you find irrelevant and not of interest to your clients’ web lead.

This stops the unwanted visitors from interfering with your results and allows you to shift focus onto the significant, potential leads – rather than wasting time on the insignificant visitors.  

Along with identifying the organisations and firms that visit your clients’ website, we also tell you when they last visited the page, the specific pages they clicked on, how long they spent on the site, and from which channel they came.

This type of information can be used to optimise your clients’ site or business processes, making your efforts more efficient and successful, resulting in happier clients!  


Our SMART tracking feature works seamlessly alongside our web lead analytics and can tell you how the visitor contacted your client. By tracking the visitor’s responses, we can tell you when the visitor clicked on the contact link, regardless if it be through email or phone.

If there are many different employees associated with this contact link, we can tell you who the visitor first got in contact with. Having this data can show you patterns in visitors’ behaviour and may point to a flaw in your client’s website design or layout.

You can then redevelop a more streamlined layout, resulting in more lucrative leads, and meet your client’s goals.

Sit back, and enjoy the journey

We are able to provide you with all of this information without the visitor filling out any forms or details. The visitor can browse as they normally would, without any obvious interruptions disrupting their normal behaviour.

This data allows you to pinpoint your next potential lead and determine specific patterns in their behaviour, giving you a unique insight into their journey.


By tracking the visitor’s undisturbed journey, you can understand the path they have been through on your client’s website.  Providing you with a complete insight into visitor’s individual exploration.

Having a natural, uninterrupted journey can show you what visitors are really drawn to from a new, fresh perspective. This allows you to obtain more accurate and realistic results that may not have been identified before. The more accurate your results, the better you can base your decisions and strategy on them.

One platform, many uses

By developing our unique client login feature, we offer a simple, one-time access to a wide selection of different analytical tools. You can gain insights into your clients’ website, for example, the percentage of new visitors, average duration on each page, and other interesting details.

We integrate into over 1,500 apps, including HubSpot, Web CRM, and Slack and we also work with social media platforms. Our social media menu allows you to get insights into how visitors interact with your clients’ social media pages and posts. You can find all of these insights on one, single platform.

You no longer have to waste time on logging into several separate platforms, like BingAds or Instagram, to see these individual KPIs, you can now find them all in one platform and create professional reports.

You don’t have to remember ten different login usernames or passwords or confirm you’re not a robot for each, individual tool. With Agency360, we have made it simple to access all of these individual tools, using only one, simple login, saving you time and frustration.

Better decisions are based on better insights

At Agency360, we have created our platform to quickly display all of your analytical information from different sources in one place. Not only this but to also produce reports smoothly and seamlessly, without switching from one site to another. This brings you a more efficient, analytical reporting tool that can do everything that many individual tools can do.

We believe our platform is a fantastic solution for consultants and agencies that will save them time and money. Beyond that, we also generate more insightful, useful information. This data can be used to precisely formulate goals and campaign strategies for your clients.

Basing these goals off of these more detailed results will give you a clearer indication of your clients’ strengths and weaknesses. You are then able to direct your attention to wherever needs the most input, resulting in more successful campaigns that work towards your clients’ goals.

Find a pricing package to suit your needs

At Agency360, we appreciate that every company is different. Whether you are an independent consultant, or you work in a large marketing agency, we can offer a payment package for you.

You can select the package that suits you or your agency’s needs, and easily see what is included in your package.

We are happy to offer you a 25% discount by purchasing our yearly payment packages. You get the same features and client count but at an advantageous price. Find all of our packages at our pricing page, here

Take your business to the next level

You can get a 14 days free trial of Agency360, with no obligation or credit card required. If you have any questions, we would be happy to help. You can find our customer support here.

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