Advertising – Give your clients a rapid overview of the results you generate for them

It has never been easier to give your clients insight into the results you generate for them online. Agency360 sets up consistent reports that are easy to read and understand. You can manage everything, including Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Instagram and LinkedIn Ads, and you connect to the required marketing channels within minutes.

You can adapt the display to the metrics you wish to show your clients and then set up a report showing the channel data you deliver to the individual client.


Web leads B2B – generate fresh leads to your clients´ sales department

Identify which companies and public institutions visit your clients´ websites – without them having to fill out any forms. We track all visitors, filtering out private individuals, bots, and other irrelevant parties, so you only get leads that are relevant for you. We can even find the relevant contact details of your visitors and tell you:

• When they last visited your website
• The specific pages they visited
• How long they spent on your site
• The marketing channel they came from


SEO Rank – Give your clients an overview of their ranking in Google/Bing

Keep track of your clients’ search ranking in Google/Bing. You can group keywords to get a clearer picture – and even track their competitors’ ranking on individual keywords. You can also see how keywords develop over time.

Agency360 also offers integration with Google Search Console so that you can add and monitor the keywords that create traffic on your clients’ websites.


Site audit – Get valuable input for on-page SEO optimisation

Agency360 site audit provides a wealth of valuable input you can use when you work with on-page SEO for your clients. We check your clients’ websites and measure performance on more than 50 parameters. 

For example, we measure website speed, mobile usability, duplicate content, headline tags, internal link building, page ranking and much more.


Backlinks - Get a full overview of all inbound links to your clients’ websites

Agency360 offers you a 360° overview of all inbound links to your clients’ websites and an indication of the quality of every individual link.

You can see missing and new links, and which domains they came from. Finally, it is also possible to check individual websites’ credibility, via Domain Authority and Citation Trust Flow. 


Social Media – Integrate your clients’ social media and give them a 360° overview

Agency360 helps you to give your clients a 360° overview of their social media profile pages, including an overview of likes, demography and reach for each post. Integrate all your clients’ social media and get an all-in-one report. Learn which posts work best and create most user engagement for your clients.

Monitor development in likes, clicks, reach, shares and comments so that you are always updated about your clients’ social media presence.


Reports – Configure reports fast and easy for your clients

Agency360 makes it easy for you to configure reports that show the results you generate for your clients on any platform. 

The Agency360 administration module allows you to tailor a 360° report to end-customers, complete with your name, logo and colour scheme.

Alternatively, you can choose to give clients a login to selected parts of the white label platform as a supplement to the customised report. A login allows the client to track the results you deliver 24/7/365.


Web analytics – Give your clients an overview of activity on their website

Agency360 gives you access to indispensable web analytics data so that your end-customers can track their website’s performance. You get answers! How did users come across your website? How did they use the website? Which channels perform best? And a great deal more besides. Agency360 connects with your favourite tools, including (of course) Google Analytics. The software presents data clearly and intuitively. Agency360’s unique tracking technology allows you to set up conversion tracking of visitors to your clients’ websites.




Forms – Give your clients the chance to monitor responses to their website

Agency360 gives your clients a 360° overview of all forms completed and submitted from their websites. This is the end of responses getting lost in inboxes! You can also track which of your clients’ channels generated the response.

You can track right down to a specific channel. Agency360’s form overview helps you to track clients’ responses right down to the individual advertising channel. This means that you are in a better position to assess whether you get a reasonable ROI on advertising for a client on a specific channel.